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How did you hear about Bid Busters?

Why should investors consider Dr-Reno?

A unique service.

Whether your plan is to keep & add value, rent or sell, if considering home improvements, ownersinvestors should consider the following:

Dr-Reno can help, especially when most of us wouldn’t choose to buy a car without a road worthy certificate, right?

Some owners can also find it challenging to accept that their recent &/or long term home improvements may not always be as well received by the market as would be the intention.

Dr-Reno aims to help investors identify potential over spending that can save them a lot of time & money leading up to market or even for more unexpected family interruptions where sudden decisions must be made, forcing a potential sale.

So, why call Dr-Reno?

Even a fully renovated property, or ‘Wow factor‘ can go over budget.

Dr-Reno can help, including rental yield estimates, providing industry referrals for trades people, building & pest, conveyancing, insurance, accounting, mortgage brokers, property agents & auctioneers.

By observing what you’ve spent overall & comparing this to a local ceiling of a 1.5km radius of recent sales within the last three months, Dr-Reno can deliver a more detailed service than a basic market appraisal, providing options to the owner that can possibly save them thousands.

It’s all about helping owners move forward with confidence & we would love to know more about how we can help you with your plans to improve your property, so feel free to contact us today to learn more.

What is deregulation, when did it start & how does it work?

Good property agents will know that deregulation came into affect on the 1st December 2014 & it means that the seller & their property agent can negotiate their commission to reach an amicable agreement, very similar to the process involving private treaty or normal sale.

The old status quo was 5% of the first $18,000.00, which is $900.00 & then 2.5% of the outstanding balance.

Today, many property agents are charging approximately 2.0 – 2.75% or even 2.85% inclusive of GST.

Bid Busters is refreshingly different, in that we invite the seller to suggest their preferred commission to us, with added incentive for the property agent to work hard & be rewarded for their results, depending on their good evidence.

Abiding the property agent can produce evidence of more than one offer on paper above the first offer received, there is no reason why a seller shouldn’t feel inspired to reward the property agent for their genuine hard work.

Are you seeking a hard working property agent, determined to help you get the most for your property, in the shortest time possible?  Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

What is a sunset clause & how does it work?

Some may suggest a necessary evil because although from the beginning they can certainly work, they also only maintain their good nature up until another buyer makes a better offer than the one under contract with the sunset clause.

Usually, a buyer who needs to sell their property first before they can purchase their next home, will suggest including a sunset clause in the contract of sale, similar to a lay-buy, or even a caveat as the owner is officially under contract & cannot settle until the buyer is ready.

The seller doesn’t have to agree to a sunset clause, yet if the seller is aware that not much interest has occurred on their property from launch to date, the seller may feel obligated to accept a buyer who’s offer includes a sunset clause.

The ‘catch-22’ can be two fold, because not only does the seller have to wait for the buyer to sell their home first, the seller is also bound by contract & unable to accept any other offers, no matter how better any new offer/s may present.

It’s not uncommon for the seller to feel stuck & frustrated because the buyer can also announce that due to their home not selling on time, the buyer may wish to request an extension to their sunset clause.

If by this time, the seller has received word of another interested buyer, the new buyer may or may not have already purchased their new home, so it can certainly become a matter of strict timing for both parties.

Before agreeing to a sunset clause, a good question a seller should ask themselves is, ‘how much interest has there been on the property so far?’

Adequate = No need to consider a sunset clause.

Somewhat = Possible to consider, depending on the terms & conditions of those offers.

Minor = There may be good reason to consider a sunset clause, should a buyer present one.

Was this helpful?  Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Can sellers be influenced by media reports suggesting the high & low trends of the market?

It isn’t so much what the market listens to on news reports, it’s all about price.

If a buyer believes the price on a property is right, usually the buyer will make an offer on paper approximately 30% under the advertised price.

This is why no price marketing has the potential to reveal the budget of most buyers.

News reports can easily be used as an excuse more than a motivating factor to buy or not to buy.

Quite simply, buyers are motivated by price & if the price is right, the buyer will make an offer.

If the price isn’t right, they wont & there’s only one way to help a buyer change their mind about making an offer, by introducing buyer competition.

By removing the price, the seller can reveal the serious buyers or at-least the buyers solely interested in learning the sellers asking price.

Buyers respond to price, not market downturns.

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So what is Rent Invest & how does it work?

Rent invest is what our parents would refer to as knowing your limits & sticking to them.

Instead of making your first home your dream home, rent invest aims to help first home buyers to appreciate the benefits of starting slow & working towards your dream home over the course of approximately twenty years.

Yes, it can seem like a slow boat to China, right?  So, what the alternative?  Over capitalizing in reverse basically.

You buy your first home, life shifts, possibly several times & before you know it, it’s an absolute struggle to make a repayment on your home & then, the bank begins breathing down your neck almost straight after you miss one repayment.

Sounds brutally unfair however, this is reality & the better prepared you are, the better you can adjust to life when it does choose to shift.

Rent Invest is a great strategy & aims to inspire first home buyers to choose a suburb of interest to rent in first, just to get a taste of what it’s like to live in that area.

Time will certainly dictate whether it is realistic to finally purchase in this suburb or not, & if not, it may mean that the first home purchase is made in another suburb, allowing the new owners to make ends meet, preventing financial hardship.

If you liken yourself to someone who prefers the fast lane, rent invest may not be for you.

However, if you prefer to take calculated risks & you’re willing to test a market before investing, then rent invest is ideal for you.

Once upon a time, our parents would laybuy items to finally purchase their Christmas gifts & today, old strategies like laybuy or even AfterPay are proving to still hold strong merit if you’re willing to wait a while & be rewarded for it.

Actually, AfterPay lets the consumer take home the item & pay it off weekly, very versatile & very easy to use.

No-one ever said you have to live above your means, & even though banks have a fiduciary obligation to ensure you can service the loan, it really does depend on your accountability to ensure that your eyes don’t grow bigger than your belly when purchasing your property.

Was this helpful?  Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

Can a greater deposit mean a better result?

Does the buyer usually know the highest offer made so far on a property?  No.

Does the buyer usually know the deposit, terms & conditions of the highest offer made so far on a property?  No.

Although the seller is mainly concerned with the price, terms & conditions of an offer on paper, a wholesome deposit is not only a courageous guesstimate by the buyer, it can also appear to be as reassuring as a seller choosing to obtain a building & pest inspection on their property.

It gives the market more confidence & it makes the seller appear more serious about selling their property.

Everyone seeks reassurance, no matter what role you play in real-estate.

The same applies with a buyer who chooses to make an offer with 10% deposit over another who chooses only 5% instead.

Basically, the buyer becomes the applicant & the seller becomes the employer & in a multiple offer scenario, the buyer with less a deposit, isn’t as likely to win the approval of the seller.

That’s the main objective for the buyer, just to win the approval first of the seller & then negotiate further, if need be.

As the seller, which buyer would appear to be the most serious about taking a property off the market, the buyer with $1k deposit, yet attractive terms & conditions or the buyer with 5% deposit & standard terms & conditions?

It all depends on their price, right?

It could be suggested that a greater deposit would be received far better by a seller than one that was less because a greater deposit can mean more confidence for the seller.

Let’s face it, fair market value is & will always remain an agreement between the seller & buyer.

Mind you, that same agreement usually has the potential to have the sellers next-door neighbour scratching their head in confusion because their first reaction is usually to compare that result to their own property, even though their property may not even have similar features.

Many tend to forget that every property & transaction is different.

Note to self however, greater deposits can mean better results.

Has this been helpful? Feel free to contact us & learn more.

What is rent, try, buy & why is it something a buyer should consider?

Rent, try, buy is a brilliant way to purchase a first property or possibly a property you’re thinking of including in your property portfolio.

Rent, try, buy aims to provide an experience of a property for the investor that they probably wouldn’t have been able to receive if they hadn’t chosen to try living in the property first.

Also, rent, try, buy helps the buyer form a rapport with the owner of the property too, so that, after six, twelve, eighteen or even twenty-four months renting a property, the tenant/s may then feel inspired to make the owner an offer.

This means there’s usually more merit in having the owner accept the offer because the owner now knows the potential buyer due to their weekly rental payments & how well the tenants had maintained the property during their tenancy.

The only discrepancy against this theory of course, is if & when the owner knows fairly well, how well off the tenant actually is, usually by the standard of vehicle the tenant is driving at the time they choose to make their offer on the property.

A well researched tenant will usually make an offer approximately 30% under the fair market value for similar properties sold locally & if the tenant drives an expensive vehicle & the owner knows it, there’s usually strong argument to suggest that their offer may be declined or even counter offered by the owner.

This isn’t so bad if it is counter offered because at-least the buyer is given some idea as to the owner’s price expectations.

Rent, try, buy also contains a magic ingredient, called ‘No buyer competition‘.

This is rather brilliant because without any buyer competition, the buyer can usually dictate an offer, followed by smaller increments until the owner finally accepts, depending on the persistence of the buyer & the true motivation of the seller.

Rent, try, buy isn’t only smart, it’s a very practical & resourceful way to learn more about a property of interest & the suburb too before choosing to purchase.

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Our services to you.

For our clients & customers alike, what ever your real-estate needs, including; selling, buying, renting, investing, refinancing, renovating.

Perhaps you need an auctioneer for an up and coming charity event or for the sale of a particular property, we would be delighted to be of service.

We provide two other free services, including suburb reports illustrating the performance of any area of Brisbane, involving recent sales, for sale, rental properties, rental yields & other important stats & figures to help the owner/s form an impression towards what ever plans they may have today or within future.

Owners may also wish to compliment their suburb report with a more detailed report of their property, called a comparative market analysis, aimed to identify recent sales within the last three months, properties for sale & rental information too.

By law in QLD, both reports remain 100% free & aim to help the owner make an informed decision regarding the current price range of their property, usually arriving at a $30,000 price range.

You are most welcome to request a suburb report be sent to your email or hard copy to your postal address, where as a comparative market analysis is best delivered & presented in person & is obligation free.

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What’s the point of making an offer on a property, if the property is already under contract?

Have the courage to go where very few other buyers choose to go when they learn that a property is under contract.

Have you seen the contract?

Do you know the terms & conditions of the contract?

Do you know if the buyer is or isn’t finance approved?

Do you know if there were any special conditions included in the contract?

Can you confidently suggest that you know what the highest offer is that led to the property going under contract?

If the answer is no, yet you still like the property, what’s there to lose by adding it to your favourites by making an offer?

The seller still reserves the right to accept, decline or possibly counter offer your price, terms & conditions.

Either way, you’ll be likely to be that much closer to learning something more about the highest offer, which is a great vantage point for any buyer & the property agent too will learn who he/she will be chasing IF the current contract happens to crash, & it does happen.

The alternative is to watch & wait for the same property to return to the market in future & if it’s any greater incentive for a buyer to consider making that offer, most properties return to the market on average every seven years.

That’s a long time to be stuck in hindsight.

Many buyers can hesitate about playing the field, however, it’s just as important to remember that real-estate is a numbers game, for all parties, not just the property agents.

There’s no reason why a buyer can’t make offers on more than one property.

Even if these properties are under contract, each offer made must also be accepted by the seller.

If the property agent returns & declines your offer because the property is under contract, either insist that the property agent holds your offer in case of a crash or contact the Principal instead & make your offer known them because most business owners can appreciate the bigger picture better.

Unless the property has gone unconditional, maintain an open mind & make that offer.

You may just surprise yourself & receive more than one seller accept your offer.

Create a list & prioritize your properties from best to least favourite.

This strategy will help you to match your response level for when you learn how each seller has responded to your offer.

By placing all eggs in the one basket, buyers can also be inviting disappointment to influence their decision making.

Make an offer, there’s very little to lose, & only good insight can be gained.

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What is an expression of interest & how does it work?

An expression of interest or EOI is usually a one page document.

Provided by a property agent to a buyer, an EOI usually displayed at an open for inspection & used to invite a buyer to propose an offer to a seller.

In seeking the seller’s price expectation, an EOI involves less commitment to that of a sale of contract, as the buyer intends to feel their way with the seller in the very case the seller happens to accept, decline or counter offers the buyer.

So, you might be thinking, ‘Can’t both parties do that with a contract of sale anyway?’

Yes, however, the likelihood of the finally agreed price & the terms & conditions appearing legible & coherent for the purpose of a conveyancing solicitor being able to read it, comprehend it & not be inclined to crash or delay a contract in reaching unconditional, is quite high.

Basically, an EOI aims to challenge the property agent to work fast, & good property agents have been known to achieve three EOI’s within two weeks of the property going live online, which is not only hard work, it can also be very rewarding for all parties.

Who doesn’t want to witness a property being received well by the market?

There are some property agents who choose to encourage buyers to make their offer directly on a contract of sale without using an EOI because the property agent is very aware that buyers & sellers can get cold feet.

Once the seller & the buyer have signed & dated a contract of sale, the contract of sale then represents fair market value to a point, yet the document itself does become legally binding & there’s usually less chance of the buyer or seller revoking or changing their minds.

Other property agents can determine how marketable a property will be & can choose to invite buyers to participate in a multiple offer or best & final scenario.

This means that the property agent is choosing to remove the chance of a price war because the buyer usually receives one chance to make their offer count, as the seller will be invited by the property agent to select one offer from the multiple offers received.

This strategy also excuses the property agent from any claim of gazumping a buyer because the buyer is made aware upon signing a ‘best & final‘ agreement that the seller can choose their preferred offer without any further consultation.

Good property agents should always further consult both customers & clients alike, however, in this context, it isn’t uncommon for a buyer to feel hard done by because only upon learning that their offer was declined due to buyer competition, can the buyer now be prepared to increase their offer & sometimes it may be too late, unless a contract of sale happens to crash.

Was this helpful?  Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

What is a best & final offer?

Multiple offer scenarios are likely to be the nearest blessing for buyers who prefer not to be involved in a price war.

Reason being, multiple offers allows the seller greater control & buyers to be relieved of any obligation to increase or adjust their offer.

The buyer can submit their best & final offer on paper including a date & signature, & then have it be presented to the seller by the property agent by a certain date.

Very similar to a silent auction, where the seller will select the best offer from those interested buyers, allowing adequate time for the seller to go full term, if their chosen method of sale is a public auction.

The key with multiple offers, at-least from the buyers perspective, is to ensure the buyer performs their research properly.

They must remain competitive & this doesn’t always have to mean the highest bidder wins because deposit, terms & conditions & special conditions can also play a major role in the decision making for the seller too.

However, multiple offers also work to protect the property agent too, because once the buyer has submitted their best and final offer, there usually isn’t any further consultation from the property agent to buyer, unlike normal sale or private treaty.

This means that the property agent can receive instruction from the seller to accept one offer only on their behalf, while all other interested parties can expect a phone call confirming the sellers decision & usually their decision is final, unless a contract crashes & then these buyers can become part of a buyer pool, unless having since purchased.

The best & final scenario invites the buyer to receive one chance to make an offer, usually at a time of their own choosing to submit their offer.

Either way, the pressure for the property agent is reduced considerably because there is less emphasis on gazumping, not that property agents should be encouraged not to follow up with their buyers.

In fact, good communication is imperative for property agents because the same buyer they choose not to follow up, may also be their next property listing.

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Why choose Auction?

Auction is a highly versatile method of sale & the fastest way to sell a property at a premium price & here’s why:

Was this helpful?  Feel free to contact us to learn more.

What are our selling methods & how do they compare?

Price marketing:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Provides a price to the market.

Invites the market to stall if too high.

Can invite the buyer to discount the seller by approximately 30% of the asking price.

If the price is realistic by market expectations, offers can be made at the sellers asking price or usually $5k below or above, especially if the buyer knows they have competition.

No price marketing:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Good way to attract enquiries.

Good way to establish interest among the market.

Known to also stall the market as the buyer can wait for the seller to reveal an asking price.

If marketable, ‘no price marketing‘ can certainly do very well attracting attention.

Buyers have been known to ignore a property if it doesn’t have a price.

If a buyer is interested, the buyer will enquire if there is or isn’t a price displayed.

Offers Over:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Still revealing a price.

If price is too high, the market will likely stall & wait for the price to drop.

Works primarily the same as price marketing.

Likelihood of having a buyer make an offer over the displayed price could be considered ambitious.

If it does happen, the buyer will usually opt for approximately a $5k increase, depending how great their buyer competition.

By Negotiation:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Seller will choose By Negotiation as a substitute for auction, due to nerves.

By Negotiation can cause frustration among the market, due to a lack of price guidance.

Ideal for buyers brave enough to make an offer without fear of the seller accepting, declining or counter offering.

Expressions of Interest/Tender:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Used for residential, commercial, industrial & retail properties.

Purpose of this method is to invite the market to submit an offer by a certain date.

Seller will then make a decision on or after this date as to the winning buyer.

Similar to auction, this method does display a date & time.

Unlike auction, very little hype or urgency involved that usually helps to drive up a price.

For Sale by Owner:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Considered the brave sellers method of sale.

Usually isn’t a property agent appointed to help mediate & negotiate on behalf of seller.

Sellers have suggested they would certainly consider appointing a property agent next time.

Seller can be exposed to a buyer directly.

Seller can be left in a very vulnerable position.

A buyer seeking a discount can display far more pressure than appointing a property agent.

Off the market:

Employs Private Treaty or normal sale.

Ideal if the seller is content to accept a sale price without allowing the market to possibly pay more.

Seller can be of the opinion that they couldn’t expect to get any more for their property.

Seller is usually opposed to paying for advertising.

Seller can be highly influenced by friends & family more than a property agent.

Off the market can work as a private sale or a property agent can still assist with the sale too.

Off the market usually involves limited buyer interest.

Seller usually approached directly.

Seller usually has evident concerns about the selling process.

Seller usually feels more comfortable accepting an offer directly than advertising to the public.


Employs Private Treaty or normal sale before & after the date of the auction.

Should a property pass in, it can also revert back to Private Treaty.

Auction is by far the best & fastest way to sell a property.

Auction is very versatile.

It incorporates the benefits of many selling methods.

Most importantly, auction aims to give control back to the seller.

Represents the closest factor for a cash unconditional sale.

Any property can use auction, with the sellers permission.

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How does a seller know if their asking price is too high?

If a price is set too high, the market will likely stall & wait for the price to drop.

It’s so important for the seller to remain realistic about their asking price.

It’s equally important for the seller to thoroughly research the market before listing their property.

If the seller is determined to list with a price, the seller should remain realistic to avoid disappointment.

If the seller is concerned about their price, they should consider no price marketing for a two week period & once price feedback begins to form a pattern, the seller can use this data to convert from For Sale to Auction.

The market speaks very loudly & if a price is too high, quite simply, the market will wait for as long as it takes to see what the seller chooses to do.  It can be a waiting game, yet it doesn’t have to be.

If the seller chooses to be in control of their asking price, the market will respond accordingly.

If the seller chooses to not to be in control of their asking price, the market will respond accordingly.

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Rent, Try, Buy versus Family Guarantor, what’s the difference?

Basically, both strategies can work, supporting each together.

Rent, try, buy is an ideal way for any investor or first home buyer to test a property & suburb before choosing to purchase.

Family Guarantor is a brilliant way for families to invest & help their adult children break into the property market too.

Family Guarantor provides a basis for the adult children to use their parents equity in the family home to help secure the purchase of their adult children’s first home.

The adult children can consider that they will be paying a type of rent to their parents whilst residing at this property, however this rent involves three positive advantages.

By working as an investment team, the parents & their adult children can repeat this strategy of rent, try, buy & family guarantor several times in future to generate a family wealth far beyond expectation.

Usually, the family guarantor will only be required for the first purchase, just to get the ball rolling, while rent, try, buy can then be part of a strategy using equity in the current property to purchase the next property to then rent out the old property.

The rent from the old property can then help to pay off the new property, so on & so forth.

Was this helpful?  Fee free to contact us to learn more.

Why is rental yield so important for first time & more experienced investors?

Unlike the experienced investor, first time investors may find it more financially rewarding to invest in a property more likely to be positive than negatively geared.

Why?  Because the likelihood of that property demonstrating a positive annual return is far more promising than a property that isn’t.

Most first time investors are seeking a positively geared property because they need their new property to earn them more than it will cost them to maintain the property annually.

Also remember, that rental yield aims to represent all intended overheads associated with maintaining a property annually & this can also be a brilliant guide for investors who want to ensure that their new property is destined to demonstrate a positive return for passive income or negative, for tax purposes.

Very rarely will a first time investor be intending to purchase a negatively geared property, unless they’ve received instructions from their accountant, possibly due to a very high income bracket, intended to be off-set by the purchase of an investment property.

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What is the difference between using a mortgage broker & going directly to the bank?

A good broker can save you time, money & frustration. 

The best part is, their service to you is free because they get paid by the lender

Here’s a few more good reasons why seeking a second opinion can save you lots when you choose to look further afield:

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What is 1% marketing & why is it a key factor when selling?

Quite justified actually, because when a seller allocates marketing for their property, it isn’t uncommon for their budget to hover around 1% of their final sale price.

This doesn’t mean the seller must spend 1% on their marketing, yet 1% marketing has proven frequently in the past to demonstrate the best results for a premium price.

So, for a well researched seller, as in one who has performed extensive homework to identify a realistic price range, they can usually expect to spend approximately 1% of their final sale price e.g $800,000 = approximately $8000 in marketing.

A good property agent should always help the seller appreciate this approach by mentally allocating the 1% rule into their budget for selling their property.

It can be quite a daunting process for a seller to be suddenly made aware that in order to market their property & attract one buyer at a premium price, they may have to consider spending 1% of their fair market value first.

This is why we have partnered with NewsPay & Fix Sell Pay, to help make the process of selling your property far less stressful & overwhelming.

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About US

Who are we?

listsell.com.au is based in Brisbane, yet we are more than happy to speak with interstate sellers too.

We are an independent real estate agency & brand with a difference.

What do we do?

No matter your plans: Selling, Buying, Renting, Investing, Refinancing or Renovating, we would be delighted to be of service.

What else do we do?

We can offer you a Free Suburb Report, Free Market or Rental Appraisal or for up & coming charity events & properties intended for Auction, we can provide an auctioneer.

What makes us different?

We aim to place control back in the hands of the seller by challenging the selling agent to work harder & present their evidence to the seller.  This can mean a greater sale price for the owner & a greater reward for the property agent too.

And what about Property Management?

Our property management also involves a versatile three tier budget & better communication, service & results, granting our investors & our tenants greater confidence.

Feel free to contact us below today to learn more.

So, what is Our Point of Difference?

Property Management or Property Sales, this is what we aim for our clients & customers to experience:

What makes listsell.com.au value for money?


Save yourself the heartache & frustration of over spending on your home improvements.

Run it by Dr-Reno first before choosing to keep & rent, sell or simply to add value to your family home.

You may be surprised how much time & money you can save, as Dr-Reno aims to be your home improvement coach.

We help you identify any over spending by unpacking your plans, actions & options.

We aim to give you added confidence moving forward towards your overall goal, what ever your plans may be.

Feel free to contact us to lean more.

Free Suburb Report

Suburb reports are a great tool & usually lead up resourcefully to a free market appraisal.

Full of up to date facts & figures, this report will illustrate the latest sales, for sale & rental properties, including similar features & within your postcode.

Tell us your preferred suburb & we will have your suburb report to you within 24hrs via email, post or in person, depending on your preference.

Free Market Appraisal:

Market appraisals are free by law in Queensland, yet they aren’t to be confused with property valuations, which usually involve a cost.

A market appraisal will comprehensively compare property sales of similar features within a 1.5km radius, usually within the last three months & possibly highlighting an estimated price range of approximately $30,000, e.g $600,000 to $630,000.

We would be delighted to help you a free market appraisal for your property.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

Property Management:

As an investor, would you be interested in appointing a property manager who offers you better communication, service & results?

What about a property management who is willing to work in with your preferred rate of commission?

Feel free to contact us today & learn how our point of difference aims to build & maintain long term business relationships with our clients & customers alike.

Property Sales:

We replace control back in the hands of the seller because we believe hard work & providing good evidence for the seller should be rewarded.

Feel free to contact us today & learn why tiered commission really is our forte.


Fundamentally, we understand that our role is to protect the interests of the seller & we certainly aren’t suggesting otherwise; however, this also shouldn’t mean that we can’t consider our buyers to be our future sellers too & this awareness is paramount.

If you have plans to purchase &/or invest, we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us today & learn more.


Because refinancing is so important for families saving what they can, usually leading up to Christmas & other seasonal events, working with a reliable mortgage broker you can trust is so important.

Our broker will be glad to speak with you about your plans to save more by reviewing & possibly making your home loan more competitive, all for free.

With 20+ lenders to choose from, why settle for the products only one bank or lending institution can offer?

Be our guest & play the field because it’s your money & if you believe you can do better, then you can bet that we do too.

Feel free to contact us today because we believe we can refer you to one of Brisbane’s best mortgage brokers.


Our tenants are very important to us because we consider that every tenant may also be intending to purchase in future &/or may already own an investment property, which is very common.

This is the realistic cycle real-estate represents & we celebrate it daily.

If you’re looking to rent a property, including residential, commercial or industrial, feel free to contact us today & register your details.

If you believe in thinking outside the box, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Why choose listsell.com.au to help you sell your property?

Sell Your Own Property

Perfect for sellers who want to sell their own property, their own way & save on commission.

Sellers pay one low (upfront) fixed fee and can also choose to advertise on listsell.com.au until sold, at no extra cost.

Sell Your Own Property, with our help

Perfect for sellers who want to sell their own property, and can also use the help of a licensed real-estate agent to assist with negotiations, open home for inspections or any questions the seller may have until sold. No pressure, no obligation, yet if you need our help, we’re only a phone call away.

Sellers pay one low (upfront) fixed fee and can also choose to display their listing on listsell.com.au until sold, at no extra cost.

Choosing a licensed real-estate agent

Ideal for sellers who wants to appoint a licensed real-estate agent to help them achieve the best result possible for their property.  Starting at 1.85%, the agent is granted incentives to present real evidence to the seller.  The more evidence the agent can present to the seller, the greater the incentive for the agent, while the seller is granted greater options to choose from.  Not only does this inspire the agent to work harder for the seller, the seller can then feel more confident knowing that the agent has presented them with real evidence. Instead of placing focus on commission, we challenge the agent to re-focus their attention on presenting real evidence to the seller.

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What sets listsell.com.au apart for Property Management?

We appreciate the importance of good customer service, especially when it comes to good property management.

We take greater care in screening our landlords & our tenants, producing better results.

We aim to demonstrate a level of customer service you’ll notice from your first discussion with us.

Feel free to contact us below & discover the magic of good property management.

So, how does our Property Management work?

Tiered commission really is our forte, because representing choice for our investors, helps to accommodate all budgets.

Budget property management:

Make us an offer.

Standard property management:

Let’s agree at the rate you’re currently paying.

Red carpet property management:

Better communication, service & results.

Feel like a V.I.P & allow us to roll out the Red Carpet for you.

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What is a Dummy Bidder?

At an auction/open for inspection, the listing agent will usually request each buyers to provide their name, mobile, suburb, email and buying intent – to own or to invest?

This process will usually also involve registering to bid, and the listing agent may then request to site a buyers drivers license, their DL number and the expiry date.  Sounds simple, right?..

There are a couple of reasons why a listing agent will do this:

  1. To protect the interests of the seller, in-case items go missing during an open for inspection.
  2. To follow up with a buyer after the open for inspection.
  3. To prevent dummy bidders.

The other way a good listing agent can safe guard the seller against a dummy bidder is ensuring after receiving the buyers expression of interest or signed contract of sale, that their finance approval is genuine.

The best way a good listing agent can cross check these details is by consulting the buyers mortgage broker or lender or extending good customer service by inviting the buyer to seek a second opinion with the agents mortgage broker.

Not only will the buyer appreciate the extended courtesy to help them achieve a potentially better deal, the seller will also appreciate the concept of their agent taking steps to ensure that the buyers finance is not only approved, yet isn’t likely to also crash the contract.

If the agent has set up a good rapport with the buyer, chances are, the agent can save the contract by inviting their own mortgage broker to assist, upon the first indication that the buyers finance may be in doubt.

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Why choose Lockett McCullough Family Lawyers?

Specializing in Estates, Criminal Law, Disputes, Leasing, Business, Conveyancing, Wills and of course, Family Law; Courtney and her team have two offices in our local community, in Toowong & Albany Creek.

Operating for approximately 2.5 years, Courtney herself has over 10 years experience in family law and is only too happy to be of service to those seeking a down to Earth, reliable and an dedicated family law service.

Prompt and professional, be sure to tell Courtney and her team that Mark T at Bid Busters referred you.

If you too would like to have your business or service mentioned on Bid Busters as part of an initiative supporting local business people within our local community, please feel contact us to learn more.